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68 An answer to the address of the right honourable Henry Grattan, ex-representative of the City of Dublin in Parliament, to his fellow citizens of Dublin. 196pp. View
70 A demonstration of the necessity of a legislative union of Great Britain and Ireland involving a refutation of every argument which has been or can be urged against that measure. By a philosopher. 40pp. View
77 An Union neither necessary or [sic] expedient for Ireland, being an answer to the author of Arguments for and against an union between Great Britain and Ireland, considered. 54pp. View
88 Thoughts on an union. Second edition. Dublin: printed for William Jones, 1798. 36pp. View
90 A reply to a pamphlet, entitled, Arguments for and against an Union. 68pp. View
91 Reasons against a union in which "Arguments for and against a union", supposed to have come from a person in high station, are particularly considered. By an Irishman. 32pp. View
92 Observations on a pamphlet supposed to be written by an Englishman, entitled Arguments for and against an union. By a student of Trinity College. 32pp. View
93 Letters on the subject of union addressed to messrs Saurin and Jebb in which Mr Jebb's "Reply" is considered. By a barrister. 80pp. View
94 An answer to the pamphlet, entitled Arguments for and against an union, etc etc, in letters addressed to Edward Cooke esq., secretary at war. Letter the second. 34pp. View
95 A reply to the gentleman who has published a pamphlet entitled "Arguments for and against an union" in which Mr McKenna's Memoire is taken into consideration. 32pp. View

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