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Act of Union Timeline

Eighteenth Century

  • 1703 Union is proposed in the Irish Parliament following the Union between England and Scotland.
  • 1737 First issue of the Belfast Newsletter, the oldest newspaper in continual print.
  • 1759 Unrest against a union between Great Britain and Ireland in Dublin.
  • 1780 Macartney’s clandestine visit to Ireland seeking opinion a Union.
  • 1782 Irish Parliament secures increased independence from Westminster.
  • 1793 Limited Catholic emancipation.
  • 1795 Orange Order formed.
  • 1798 United Irish Rebellion.
  • 1798

    • 28 May  British Prime Minister William Pitt frames a policy proposing a Union.
    • November Pamphlet debate starts
    • 12 November   Draft Union bill is sent from the London Parliament to  the Dublin Parliament.
    • 9 December The Irish Bar opposes Union
    • 17 December Dublin Corporation opposes Union
  • 1799

    • 22 January 21-hour debate on Union in the Irish House of Commons
    • October Charles, Marquess Cornwallis, the Irish Viceroy, tours Munster and Ulster to promote Union

Nineteenth Century

  • 1800

    • 15 January 18-hour debate on Union in the Irish House of Commons.
    • 9 May Address for Union is presented by the House of  Commons to the House of Lords in London.
    • 21 May  Union bill is introduced into the Irish House of Commons.
    • 2 July Act of Union receives assent in London.
    • 1 August Act of Union receives assent in Dublin.
    • 2 August The Irish Parliament is dissolved.
  • 1801

    • 1 January Act of Union creating the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland takes formal effect.
    • 22 January First sitting of the United Kingdom in London.
    • 31 January William Pitt writes to George III advocating emancipation.
    • 1 February George III adheres to the coronation oath, and rejects emancipation.
    • 14 March William Pitt resigns as Prime Minister.
  • 1803 Uprising by Robert Emmet is crushed.

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